Product Questions

The game available for pre-order on is an English language version of the "Do You Know Me?, BTS Edition" game.

The first iterations of the game are in Korean and Japanese.

① Listen to the question

Draw a card from the question deck and read the question to the person in the “Hot Seat”.

"The Hot Seat": A term used to describe a player answering a question.


② Predict the answer

Players other than the person in "The Hot Seat" predict the answer to the question asked with the answer card (YES, NO, 100% YES, 100% NO, MAYBE). Put the answer card face down so no one can see your prediction.


③ Reveal the answer

The player in "The Hot Seat" reveals their answer and players are awarded points depending on the answer card placed (YES, NO, 100% YES, 100% NO, MAYBE).

Box contents:

Question card x 215 (total 430 questions)

Answer card x 50:

"YES" answer card x 14

"NO" answer card x 14

"100% YES" special card x 8

"100% NO" answer card x 7

"MAYBE" Answer card x7



All answer cards have a BTS photo.

Of the total of 50 photo cards, 8 are randomly assorted "special cards"


There are two types of "special cards".

Solo card: 7 card set, each member's solo photo card

Group card: 1 card, band photo card

Solo photocard ratio

Normal 50%

Gold 34%

Diamond 15%

Platinum 1%

Group photocard ratio

Red 25%

Blue 25%

Yellow 25%

Pink 25%

Yes, this is an official BTS game.

An official hologram sticker is attached to the back of the box.

There are two types of questions: trivia and personal. All questions are about BTS.

Examples of personal experience questions:

Has ___ been abroad for a BTS concert?

Does ___ call BTS Bangtan?

Does ___ have an Ami Bomb?


Examples of trivia questions:

Does ___ know the exact date of BTS's official debut?

Does ___ know who was the first guest of "Run BTS"?

Can ___ list three BTS member mixtape songs?


We have a wide range of trivia questions, from simple questions to difficult questions that only enthusiasts know.


The box contains 50 photo cards.

The box contains 49 solo photo cards and 1 group photo card.


"YES" Answer Card x14

"NO" Answer Card x14

"100% YES" Special Card (Solo) x7

"100% YES" Special Card (Group) x1

"100% NO" Answer Card x7

"MAYBE" Answer 7 cards

There are two types of "special cards".

Solo card: 7-card set, each member's solo photo card (random)

Group card: 1 card, band photo card

Solo card ratio

Normal 50%

Gold 34%

Diamond 15%

Platinum 1% (0.2% Embossed, 0.8% No Embossed)

Group card ratio

Red 25%

Blue 25%

Yellow 25%

Pink 25%

Recommended for people over 14 years old, but people under 14 years old can also play.

The box is small and easy to carry around.

The approximate sizes are as follows:

width 3.9 in x length 5.5 in x depth 2 in

"Do You Know Me?, BTS Edition" is sold for $24.99

Orders Questions

We will start shipping the orders at the end of November and will continue to do so throughout December 2022.

Orders can be cancelled as long as they have not yet been shipped. In order to ask for cancellation, please contact us at:

We are afraid we do not accept returns or process exchanges.

However, if the product you have received is defective, please contact us with the photos of the defect and send via an email to

The email needs to be sent to us within 7 days of receiving the product. Upon inspecting the photos we will offer you an exchange (in case there is no stock available for exchange we will proceed with a full refund including the cost of the damaged product and the cost of shipping).

Important: If the damaged element of the product is a rare photocard (gold/silver/platinum), we will ask for you to ship it back to us before sending you a replacement.

We currently do not ship the English version of Do You Know Me, BTS outside of the US and Canada

The standard shipping cost within the U.S. is $6.99 with exception of Alaska, American Samoa, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico where shipping costs $9.99

Shipping cost within Canada is $9.99

For both U.S. and Canada if order reaches a minimum amount of $50, then shipping becomes free.

We accept the following payment methods:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club debit and credit cards.

Apple Pay, Google Pay Gpay, Facebook Pay.

Other Questions

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