Do You Know Me? BTS Edition | English version

The card game all BTS fans will love is finally available in English!

The massively popular game in Japan and Korea is now available for pre-order in the US and Canada due to high demand!

"Do You Know Me? BTS Edition" is exclusively made for BTS fans, based on the popular card game "Do You Know Me"?

Enjoy endless conversations sparked by playing "Do You Know Me? BTS" with your fellow fans, friends, and family. 

The rules are simple: Choose one person to be in “The Hot Seat” who will answer questions about BTS. Everyone else guesses in anticipation of what that person will answer. 

There are 430 questions, ranging from relatively easy to very difficult. While some questions test your knowledge of BTS, others are about your experience as a part of the BTS fandom.

THE RARE FACTOR: The game also comes with 50 collectible photocards out of which 8 special cards are inserted at random!  These special cards vary in rarity.  See the chart below for your chance to receive a Platinum, Diamond, Gold, or Normal level card.

Every game comes with a gift with purchase: an exclusive BTS original photocard!


Question cards x 215 (total 430 questions)

Answer photocards x 50: "YES" answer card x 14 | "NO" answer card x 14 | "100% YES" *special* card x 8 (randomly inserted) | "100% NO" answer card x 7 | "MAYBE" answer card x 7

Please note that the BTS version of "Do You Know Me" will be produced in limited quantities. We kindly ask that each person purchases no more than 2.

*BTS members are playing the original Korean version of "Do You Know Me", not the BTS version sold here.

2-7 Players 30〜90mins Ages 14+