Do You Know Me? BTS Edition | English version

The card game all BTS fans will love is finally available in English!

The massively popular game in Japan and Korea is now available in the US and Canada due to high demand!

"Do You Know Me? BTS Edition" is exclusively made for BTS enthusiasts, based on the popular card game "Do You Know Me"?

Enjoy endless conversations sparked by playing "Do You Know Me? BTS" with your fellow fans, friends, and family. 

The rules are simple: Choose one person to be in “The Hot Seat” who will answer questions about BTS. Everyone else guesses in anticipation of what that person will answer. 

There are 430 questions, ranging from relatively easy to very difficult. While some questions test your knowledge of BTS, others are about your experience as a part of the BTS fandom.

COLLECTIBLE CARDS: The game also comes with 50 collectible photocards out of which 8 special cards are inserted at random!  

Every game ordered on our website comes with a gift with purchase: an exclusive BTS original photocard!


Question cards x 215 (total 430 questions)

Answer photocards x 50: "YES" answer card x 14 | "NO" answer card x 14 | "100% YES" *special* card x 8 (randomly inserted) | "100% NO" answer card x 7 | "MAYBE" answer card x 7

Please note that the BTS version of "Do You Know Me" will be produced in limited quantities. We kindly ask that each person purchases no more than 2.

*Japanese and Korean versions of the game can be bought on another site. We do not currently ship them to the US.

Japanese version (ships to Japan only): 

Korean version (ships to Korea only):  constellar on naver

2-7 Players 30〜90mins Ages 14+

The BTS Party Game


What is the title of the song where BTS dances barefoot?

Who was the last person to join BTS?

What Guiness world record does BTS hold?


Questions about BTS!

Who was the last person to join BTS?

What was the exact date of BTS’ official debut?

How did purple became the symbolic color of BTS?

Which BTS member has a pet?


and more


Questions about BTS!

Who was the last person to join BTS?

What was the exact date of BTS’ official debut?

How did purple became the symbolic color of BTS?

Which BTS member has a pet?


and more


Enjoy great BTS memories while you play. Use one of the 50 photocards to answer each question.

Start by choosing a player to sit in the “Hot Seat”.
Another player draws a card from the Question Card deck and reads it aloud.

All players predict the person in the “Hot Seat’s” answer by choosing one of the following Answer Cards:
YES, NO, 100% YES, 100% NO, or MAYBE.

The person in the “Hot Seat” finally reveals their answers.
The predicted Answer Cards are turned over one by one by the rest of the players.

Guessing the answers correctly will earn you points!
While guessing them wrong will result in points being deducted.

7 Special (100% YES) Photocards



Random Chance 1%


Random Chance 15%


Random Chance 34%


Random Chance 50%

The set of 7 Special Cards (100% YES) is inserted randomly.

Have fun collecting them all!


Each game box comes with 215 question cards (total 430 questions) and 50 answer photocards.

$24.99 USD



Comes with every purchased game made on this site to delight all fans

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Approximate odds per pack of finding:Group 100% YES Card 1:4, Normal 100% YES card 1:2, Gold 100% YES card 1:3, Diamond 100% YES card 1:7, Platinum 100% YES card (not embossed) 1: 125, Platinum 100% YES card (embossed) 1: 500

No Purchase Necessary:Only applicable to US & Canadian (except Quebec) residents. For a chance to obtain any of the 100% Yes cards, which are randomly assorted in the BTS, Do You Know Me game, 1st edition (at the same odds as above & while supplies last) , send us a 3 X 5 card with your name and complete address written on it and mail in a # 10 envelope to: Constellar Games 12100 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1150, Los Angeles, CA 90025 United States. Only one card per envelope, mailed separately, postmarked by June 30th, 2023. No metered mail. Limit 1 request per household. Failure to comply will result in all entries disqualified. Drawing will be in July 2023. Canadian participants are required to first correctly answer the following mathematical skill-testing question on a 3 X 5 card: 25 X 5 + 10 – 23 + ?. Constellar Games is solely responsible for this promotion.